About us

Compras Peru is an incorporated company from Perú with a clear and concise view: Make the brand Perú a synonymous of excellence in natural products. To make this possible, we have three decisive and fundamental factors:

  • The compromise of our dinamic and young human team resulted in speed and efficiency in all our operations.
  • The indisputable quality of all our products, recognized in Perú and dozens of countries.
  • A  unmatched atention service and the care of our clients and suppliers, keeping the personal treatment as the base of our bussiness plan

Compras Peru was constituted as a legal entity in 2003, although it was operating since 2001. The time has been our best ally, giving us experince and helping us to detect and correct our defects. Our team has been recognize in several occations with Awards from Prompyme, media and  televisive reports in Perú, Spain, Argentina and Mexico and it has opened the doors to demanding markets  such as the japanese, european and american, where we have done about 200 very succesful exports having a great uptaking of the foreing customers.
We invite you to join our large family with more than 19.000 domestic and foreign customers satisfied.

Welcome to Compras Peru